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English Conversation Coaching

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About Coralie

Coralie is an experienced English teacher who has been teaching English at UNSW Global Institute of Languages, to members of Sydney Accueil and to parents and carers from Lycee Condorcet, The International French School in Sydney. 

Private Tuition for Adults and Group Coaching Available

Contact Coralie to discuss your needs. 

What Students Say


"We spent a year on sabbatical in Sydney to enjoy the Australian way of life with our children. We had the chance to discover part of the country while enjoying family time. We also wanted to enjoy this time in Australia to improve our English which wasn’t good enough for our jobs. 

We found with Coralie's classes (one hour twice per week) all that we searched for. It was at the same time a discussion class where we could discuss society (Australian and French differences, political issues, habits, culture...) and a true English class where we could improve our English with Coralie paying attention to our grammar and vocabulary mistakes. Coralie was very open-minded to adapt herself and her class to our needs. Coralie’s classes were very helpful for us and we fully recommend her to anybody who wants to improve their English in an adapted and very friendly environment."

Nathalie Martial-Braz


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